They are units easily transported, without the need of roofed areas, adjustable to the local conditions and the specific conditions for the treatment of many different kinds of Solid Waste, such as:

*Unsorted Municipal Solid Waste
*Presorted Organic Waste
*Recyclable Materials Sorting

An entire Municipal Solid Waste Treatment line which includes:

-Mobile shredding unit, with magnetic separator, for the shredding of all the incoming materials and the concurrent magnetic separation of the ferrous materials.

-Mobile unit for composting in enclosed bags system with adjustable air circulation for the composting of the biodegradable fragment of the MSW, or the biodegradables from separate collection, which includes branch shredder, mixer, bagging machine and refiner.

-Mobile Recyclables sorting unit, for the recovery of every category of recyclable materials.

-Mobile compression-baling unit which includes the wrapping of the bales with a restraint net and recyclable film which are to be further treated or soled.