Mobile Baling

Garbage, residual waste and industrial materials can easily be compressed to a fraction of the original volume and enclosed in cylindrical bales.

Waste, recycled materials and other materials are transformed into easy to handle round bales.

The mobile baling system can be easily transported from site to site. This gives large flexibility to handle both smaller and larger baling commissions.


It is a solution for temporary or long-term storage, of MSW before processing, or for temporary storage and transport of Recycled material.


  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Clean and tidy storage and handling
  • Odourless storage.
  • Preservation of the material properties, no energy and mass loss.
  • Water-tight outdoor storage.
  • Reduced volume, approximately a third of the volume for MSW.
  • Economically and environmentally good for seasonal variations at MSW plants.
  • No fermentation- no self-ignition possible.


The mobile  baling unit can be used at every stage of the process, but mainly to the  end   at the products of the  process, which can be compressed and baled  for a temporary storage or for  transportation  for sale.


The materials within the bales have been homogeneous compressed extracting  the most  air  in the bale. The pressure applied is towards  the center of the bale. Depending on the type of material contained in each bale  the compression achieve  a  reduction of the volume of waste up to  6-8 times.


The pressing – baling unit is mobile, easily removable so it  can change position depending on the needs of the project and is such that it can be mixed dematopoiei, recyclable and organic waste .The baler can be used for mixed waste,  recyclables or  organic waste   without  any  leakage ,with  homogeneous distribution  of materials  into the bale , with the  the least possible amount of air inside the bales and the maximum compression ratio.


Compressed  waste then are wrapped with  recyclable wrapping net  and then with recyclable plastic films for sealing. The wrapping is done in such manner and so many times as to ensure the waterproofing of the content  of the bale, it’s protection from ultraviolet UV radiation and to  prevent any  leakage  from the interior of the bale.


The whole system can  be functioned  using electricity or   fuels.