Mobile Sorting and Picking

Effective recycling relies on efficient sorting. Recyclable materials are  sorted and reclaimed from municipal solid waste (MSW) with   Manual sorting, or sorting by hand, The  waste materials spread thinly on a conveyor traveling past a series of workers.


A  mobile system consisting of  Conveyor belts , bins and containers  forms a module for manual sorting ,easily transported by truck,  ready to operate in any site.

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This module can be combined with other mobile sorting equipment such as magnet separator for ferrous metals, Eddy current separator for nonferrous metals,  air separator for light – heavy fraction separation.


The materials recovered:

  • Plastic PET
  • Plastic-HPDE
  • Plastic – FILM
  • Glass
  • Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Tetra pack
  • Wood
  • Inert materials

Mobile Sorting and Picking Unit consists of a closed platform, based on the ground and properly transferred by  triaxial semitrailer chassis with truck.


In the mobile Sorting Unit    are recovered recyclable materials such as plastics (with further separation in PET, HDPE, FILM) glass, wood, paper, textiles etc.