MSW Treatment

The patented Mobile Systems are  flexible  , modular , expandable  and customizable in every case, suitable for any  location  and conditions.It is a   proven solution for the recovery  of the  municipal solid waste (MSW)   with low investment and operational costs, without excessive charges to the citizens  or the State.

The method keeps 70% of waste out of the landfill, capturing   80-90% of recyclables  on their pass, with a  20 tons/h   front end System capacity.A single line   treats up to    60.000 tons   per year of mixed   Municipal Solid Waste.At the end of the process the deliverables are compost   recyclable   and  20% residues    that   could either   be buried or  used as RDF  for    energy generation. Waste is sorted, for recovery and recycling, into the following broad categories: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal.

Incoming waste initially feed the shredder  and then the trommel.


At this early stage ferrous metals are removed by a Magnetic  Separator.


After the trommel  there are two streams. One is led to the mobile composting Unit and the other to the mobile  Sorting Unit.

At the mobile Sorting Unit the materials  are hand sorted.



PET bottles


The organic fraction is composted .


the mature compost


the products of the proccess are baled


transportation of recovered materials

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